Vermont Green Building NetworkVermont Green Building Network
Advocacy Committee

Assembled research into new and ongoing development in:
     a) Green building techniques
     b) energy conservation strategies.
     c) Indoor environmental quality (IEQ)
     d) Site resource management
     e) Power generation
Track legislation
Educate legislators
Assemble expert testimony
Develop and support educational policy:
     a) Green sustainable design principals
     b) Support curriculum development;
          1) K thru 12
          2) Undergraduate
          3) Graduate
          4) Professional
Support and help develop local ordinance

On April 17 Ted Ceraldi, Advocacy Chair, attended a round table  Meeting on Geothermal Energy hosted by Senator Sanders, Cathy Zoi, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the United States Department of Energy. Testimony in support of Geothermal Energy was given by the Chair.
Additional discussions by the Chair informed the legislators and guests of the importance of producing cheap electrons (power) to support Geothermal instillations which are locally zero carbon based but rely on electricity being generated elsewhere and delivered efficiently to our grid.
The Advocacy Committee also is in support of the program development of Environmental Literacy for Vermont, a community based environmental literacy action plan. Currently this is funded through a grant managed by the Statewide Environmental Education Programs Alliance (SWEEP).


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