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The Committees are the lifeblood of VGBN.  While the Board of Directors decide the long term organizational mission and vision, the committee members make sure we are doing what needs to be done to get there.  All VGBN members are encouraged to align with a committee to offer their expertise, ideas, skill, or time.  There are many opportunities to become involved, so please check the following Committee Pages to find out what each Committee is doing to help promote green building, and how you can become involved in making a difference.

VGBN currently has several opportunities to get involved in planning committees. Click here to learn more! 
General Circle\"\"
The General Circle is the highest operational Comittee within VGBN. A General Circle is populated by Chairs and Elected Representatives from each committee that reports to it, and is chaired by an individual elected by the next higher Circle (The Board of Directors). The General Circle is responsible for approving the Aim of all Committees, and overseeing the functionality and assuring the productivity and decision making integrity of each Committee.
Provides educational opportunities to the public in order to increase green building knowledge throughout Vermont.

Communication Committee 
Promotes collaboration and networking among individuals and organizations that support green building practices; provides a comprehensive resource for green building information through the VGBN.org website.
Supports and promotes state and local policies and initiatives that encourage green building practices in Vermont.
Ensures the sponsor and member base of the organization; promotes USGBC membership.

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