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Green School GuideVermont is a leader in both public education and environmental issues and has a very high per-capita rate for LEED certified buildings, yet none of them is a public school.  The Vermont Green Building Network (VGBN), as the USGBC’s Vermont chapter, has been advocating for green schools legislation for years, but legislators and school officials state that declining enrollments and revenues make it tough just to keep schools open let alone build new schools, and that green renovations are too costly.  Our response has been that with the oldest school buildings (on average) in the US, it is too expensive NOT to implement green renovations.

Through a grant from the US Green Council’s Center for Green Schools and donations from Vermont businesses and individuals, we have produced the enclosed “Vermont Schools – Green Renovation Guide.” The guide defines what it means to be a green school.  It then goes on to look at two schools that have undergone green renovations in the state of Vermont.  The first school is located in Craftsbury and is one of the oldest continuously operating schools in the nation.  The second is the Sustainability Academy in Burlington.  After reviewing the process of undertaking these renovations, we have outlined some steps for beginning a project in your own community.  This information has been compiled into a guidebook and distributed to school districts around the state.  You may also download a copy of the publication.

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